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Printing kraft paper tape: analysis of the advantages of printing tape!

Article provenance:未知 Popularity:Time:2020-03-22 23:20
Introduction to manufacturers of printed kraft paper tape,
1、 Foam structure and printing function: evenly round and evenly distributed foam holes, providing high-quality and stable field and dot printing function;
2、 The targeted glue system makes it easy to unload the plate, no residual glue left on the back of the plate, no residual glue left;
3、 Simple and safe paste function: in the use of new release paper, reduce the appearance of bubbles. Convenient positioning from the beginning;
4、 Excellent printing function: evenly round and evenly distributed bubbles, providing high-quality and stable printing function, three kinds of foam with different soft hardness, for different brushing function;
5、 The surface of the metal printing roller is stable, the film is stable to protect the foam, so that the adhesive tape is not damaged, and the printing plate is simpler;
6、 It has good printability for paper, plastic, aluminum foil and other printing materials. The ink used is environmentally friendly and the cost of waste removal is low.

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