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What are the key points to be tackled in kraft paper tape dialysis tape industry

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The kraft paper tape manufacturers analyze the difficulties faced by the tape industry,
The total consumption of raw rubber in China's adhesive tape industry has ranked the first in the world. During the 11th Five Year Plan period, China's adhesive tape products have greatly improved in terms of quantity, planning and overall skill level, but they still haven't got rid of the extensive growth mode, and there is still a big gap compared with the international advanced level. For this reason, China Rubber Industry Association proposed to tackle six practical issues in the 12th Five Year Plan for the belt industry.
Li Hong, Secretary General of China Rubber Association pipe belt branch, introduced that the six topics to be developed are: diameter self weft high-strength fabric core conveyor belt, heat and high temperature resistant conveyor belt, elastic multi wedge belt for car, molding and vulcanizing process of multi wedge belt, polyester toughened brown wire for drive belt and other new high-strength skeleton materials, and the safety of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon content of belt products.
In addition, because the European reach regulation and the United States are related to the export of tape products
The straight warp and straight weft fabric core is the replacement product of medium and high strength layered fabric core conveyor belt, and it is also a typical product with less layers of fabric core conveyor belt. At present, there is a big gap between domestic products and foreign advanced level, so the strength of independent innovation and development of conveyor belt structure, technology and equipment should be increased; with the development of metallurgy and building materials industry, the demand for heat-resistant and high-temperature conveyor belt is growing It is necessary to further improve the heat-resistant and high-temperature grade and extended service life of the existing heat-resistant and high-temperature conveyor belt, especially to pay attention to the research on the tape structure, framework data and rubber materials; China has been able to produce various kinds of car poly wedge belts, but some high-grade car poly wedge belts need to be imported, and elastic poly wedge belts are the urgently needed types of car matching, so it is necessary to Improve the temperature performance, process and equipment of the rubber material to make it meet the enterprise specifications of the relevant car manufacturers;

the multi wedge belt molding and vulcanization process can save the original data, reduce waste water and noise pollution, so further research on the rubber material formula and tape structure should be carried out to coordinate with the energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection work; the polyester toughened brown wire has a twistless structure, because it is not loose and It is not easy to stretch, can effectively improve the service life of the drive belt and save energy and reduce emission. It is the cutting-edge skill of the drive belt framework, but the development skill is difficult, so it should be promoted to practicality.

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