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What are the corresponding technical requirements of kraft paper tape?

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Kraft paper tape is also a very common type in the direct sales of tape manufacturers, which is mainly used in industry and relatively less used in daily life.
Kraft paper tape must go through a complex process to become a qualified product, and must go through strict technical inspection.

It is generally requested that the appearance of kraft paper tape shall not be damaged or torn after uncoiling.
If it is a first-class product, the two sides are relatively flat, with a slight gap, deformation and overflow, and a joint is allowed, and there is no serious gap, deformation and overflow.
In terms of performance requirements, kraft paper tape should be waterproof, strong viscosity, high tensile strength, good adhesion, no edge warping and stable weather resistance.
When using kraft paper tape, it should be noted that before using, the water mark, stain and oil stain on the surface of the adhesive should be removed, and this tape should not be used as insulating tape.

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