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Kraft paper tape manufacturers: why are more and more people

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As a result of the raw material that kraft paper USES is conifer, conifer is evergreen plant, material quality is common more soft, some contain resin, call soft material again.
Kraft paper is made from wood pulp by chemical method in a paper machine. Due to the brown color of the paper, the paper is tough.
As a result, the manufacture of kraft paper not only stiffness and break in all the paper has a good performance and a good moisture resistance
Energy and a very strong pull.
Related to other packaging materials, whether kraft or white kraft paper, its waste products can be 100 percent recycling applications, on
Even discarded kraft paper will be quickly synthesized, not pollution to the environment.
As the packaging kraft paper itself has a folding, pressure, a strong toughness and water resistance. Used in the industrial category of packaging kraft paper quality
It is lower than the cultural paper supplication used in the printing industry.
So today more and more packaging printing industry choose to use kraft paper, kraft design style has always been simple and generous only demand
Simple lines can show the common style of the product, greatly reducing the cost of printing while also reducing the cost of consumption and consumption cycle.
The brown color of the kraft paper itself is also one of its big selling points, as people used to prefer simple and fashionable packaging, therefore, kraft paper is more and more business
The family's attention is deserved.


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