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Wet water reinforced kraft tape:the development trend and de

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To introduce the development trend and advantages of kraft paper tape:
According to statistics, in 2016, China's express delivery industry used 330 million rolls of tape, can be around the equator 425 times, because of the non-degradable BOPP film tape, to the society
And the environment. This problem can be satisfactorily solved by using degradable kraft tape instead of BOPP film tape. As the country asks about environmental protection
Problem of the increasing attention, kraft tape to replace BOPP film tape has been the trend, are you ready?
Kraft paper tape: wet water kraft tape, wet buffalo kraft paper  tape, high temperature resistant kraft tape, low temperature resistant kraft paper tape,
White kraft tape, wired kraft paper tape, etc., customers are welcome to consult, we will discuss the future trend of the tape.
1, full environmental protection material, kraft paper tape substrate for kraft paper, such as glue using biomass degradation glue, it will be a 100% degradable tape.
2, with high strength kraft paper as the substrate, high initial adhesion, good persistence, peeling strength.
3, packaging beautiful, and carton bonding, can be integrated with the carton as one, suitable for high-grade goods, exports, weight items packaging.
4, can screen the surface of the object type, the crack in the middle of the carton, the surface can be written.
5, waterproof, weather resistance can be stable, is the alternative to BOPP film tape, do seal, banding the ideal choice.

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