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About the development of ECO friendly kraft paper tape!

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The ECO friendly kraft paper tape manufacture introduced that increase call of protecting the environment, protecting the earth and saving resources in the world, the requirements of product packaging in the international market are more and more strict.
Harmless, pollution-free and renewable environmental protection packaging plays an important role in commodity export trade.
The basis of identification of environmental protection packaging is ISO 14000, which is the standard for countries to promote environmental protection packaging mode. According to the ISO14000 series, all international trade products (packaging) must be certified and evaluated by LCA, and use environmental signs.
Since 1999, ISO has implemented green "environmental labeling" to push the green * * of product packaging to a new level, which has greatly promoted Chinese exporters.
For this reason, relevant experts suggest that all the outer packages should be made of environmental protection cardboard, which does not pollute the environment, not only conforms to the environmental protection concept of recycling, but also symbolizes the artistic conception of life from nature to nature; all the outer packages should be sealed with degradable environmental protection kraft paper tape, not only does not pollute the environment, but also can be written on it; no chemical ink is used on the outer packaging paper, etc.
For this reason, our company has launched environmental protection kraft paper tape. Our base paper is made of imported wood pulp base paper. The surface of kraft paper tape is specially treated to be non leached, which can degrade and rot, and will not cause harm to the environment. Moreover, we use hot-melt environmental protection glue, which is non-toxic and harmless to human body and biology.

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