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ECO friendly writable kraft paper tape material!

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The writable kraft paper tape is a kind of very tough and water-resistant packaging tape. Its color is yellow. It has a wide range of uses. Generally, we will use it for sealing and shielding.
What is the raw material of Eco friendly kraft paper tape? I'll introduce it to you.
There are two kinds of raw materials for writing kraft paper tape, one is recycled pulp and the other is all wood pulp.
Raw material of writable kraft paper tape bag
How to choose this business? First of all, we must find a good positioning. If we need high-grade writable kraft paper tape, we can use all wood pulp to make writable kraft paper tape. Because the quality of all wood pulp made of writable kraft paper tape bag can be greatly higher than that of recycled pulp, on the other hand, in terms of burst resistance and
The lubricity will be much better than the writable kraft paper tape bag. But the price of all wood pulp paper tape is higher than that of recycled pulp.
If the business positioning in the low-end level, then you can choose to use raw pulp made of writable kraft paper tape.
Different businesses have different needs for themselves. There are many subtle raw materials for the two types mentioned today. We will not list them one by one.

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