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Color value of Eco friendly writable kraft paper tape!

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Eco friendly Writable kraft tape manufacturers found that many customers care about the color difference of kraft paper tape, but do not know the color value of kraft paper.
What is the color value of kraft paper? What color is kraft paper?
Of course, the color value of kraft paper is mainly used for printing.
When many printing companies need to print kraft paper, they need to pay attention to the color value of kraft paper.
So the color value of kraft paper obviously refers to the chroma value of kraft paper. We list the colors below.
Rainbow blue: C100% M100% Y0% K0%
Rainbow Purple: C45% M100% Y0% K0%
Red: C0% M100% Y100% K0%
Orange: C10% M60% Y100% K0%
Yellow: C0% M0% Y100% K0%
Green: C100% M0% Y100% K0%
Cyan: C80% M20% Y30% K0%
Blue: C100% M0% Y0% K0%
Purple: C100% M100% Y0% K0%
Blood red: C6% m92% Y100% K1%
Telecom logo blue: c98% M91% Y0% K0%
Wine red "Bordeaux red": C0% M90% Y60% K0%
Violet: C100% M100% Y0% K0%
Wine red: C0% M36% y21% K10%
Golden yellow: C9% M40% y85% K0%
Camel color: C0% M20% Y60% K20%
Metallic color in inkjet printing: light C0% M15% y75% K35% dark C38% M47% Y100% K0%
Finland green: C100% M0% Y60% K0%

Sky blue: C60% M23% Y0% K0%
Rose Red: C30% M100% Y90% K0%
Deep rose pink: C40% M100% Y20% K0%
Rose Pink: C10% M80% Y0% K0%
Turquoise green: C100% m3% Y30% K15%
Royal Blue: C100% M80% Y0% K0%
Sub Gold: C25% M25% Y60% K25%
Haier logo color: C10% M90% y45% K0%
Bank of China Logo Red: C30% M100% Y100% K0%
Blue on the badge: C100% M40% Y0% K0%
Finland green ax-26 in advanced aluminum plastic plate: C60% M0% y39% K0%
Green sign of community hospital: C5% M20% Y100% K10%
Blue Gold: C0% M24% Y100% K24%
20% gray: C25% M16% Y16% K0%
50% gray: C50% M37% y37% K0%
Stainless steel color: c5-8% M0% Y0% k10-20%
Dolphin color: C45% M33% y34% K12%
Pepsi Cola logo blue: C100% M70% Y0% K15%
Minsheng Bank Logo blue: dark blue C100% M52% Y16% K1%
Light blue C100% M27% Y40% K3%
Vermilion: C0% M70% Y100% K0%
Tan: C0% M100% Y100% K70%
Brown: C0% M80% y80% K50% "reddish"
Brown: C21% M45% Y52% K61%
Pink: C0% M60% Y20% K0%
Olympic five ring logo color: Blue C100% M30% Y0% K0%
Black C0% M0% Y0% k100%
Red C0% M95% y65% K0%
Yellow C0% M35% Y90% K0%
Green C100% M0% Y90% K0%
Orange red: C0% M81% Y96% K0%
Orange: C0% M24% y92% K0%
Turquoise: C40% M20% Y100% K0%
Red gold: C20% M40% Y100% K0%
False cyan Gold: C100% M0% Y0% k18-30%
M25% ky10% false gold
False red gold: C15% M35% Y100% K0% C35% M50% y71% K0%
Gold: C0% M20% Y60% K20% or C0% M49% y99% K0%
Silver: C25% M20% Y20% K10% or K10% C8% M6% Y7% K0%
Military green: C71% M16% y91% k67%
Sea water color: C60% M0% Y25% K0%
Lemon: C5% M18% y75% K0%
Dark red: C20% M100% y80% K5%
Orange: C5% M100% Y100% K5%
Orange: C5% M50% Y100% K0%
Dark Brown: C45% M65% Y100% K40%
Pink: C5% M40% Y5% K0%
Warm red: C0% M90% y85% K0%
African skin color: C35% M45% y53% K0%
Asian skin color: C15% M43% y53% K0%
Big blue: c98% M91% Y0% K0%
Bright red: C2% m93% Y90% K0%
Chestnut: c40-60% m70-90% Y100% K0%

Bright red: C0% M100% Y100% K0%
China Red: C0% M100% Y100% K10%
China Black: C0% M0% Y0% k100% or C100% M100% Y100% k100%
Fuguihuang: C15% m29% Y100% K0% or C15% M35% Y100% k100%
Flag Red: C4% M88% y99% K1%
Flag yellow: C1% M15% y94% K1%
Coffee Red: C20% M100% Y100% K20%
Dark coffee Red: C20% M100% Y100% K40%
Espresso: C30% M70% Y100% K60%
Coral Red: C20% M75% y82% K11%
Blue of lapis lazuli: C95% M80% y24% K39%
Beige: C5% M5% Y15% K0%
Highlight color: C5% M5% Y3% K0%
Light gray: C25% M16% Y16% K0%
Medium gray: C50% M37% y37% K0%
Dark purple: C100% M68% Y10% K25%
Crimson: C85% M98% Y10% K0%

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