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ECO Kraft paper tape is developing to M&H end fields

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Introduction to the manufacturers of ECO friendly ECO kraft paper tape, In the packaging materials, packaging kraft paper tape is definitely one of the best-selling products.

Packaging can attract the attention of customers, many manufacturers have realized that good packaging can directly affect the sales of products. Usually into the mall, those gorgeous boxes attract a lot of people's attention.

Speaking of this, maybe someone asked, what's the relationship between this and kraft paper tape?
In many people's minds, packaging kraft paper tape is brown and yellow, which looks rustic.

It is also used for packaging products with low precision, which has nothing to do with fashion and cool.

Packaging kraft paper tape has always been under the halo of environmental protection and high cost performance, but it can also be luxurious when meeting fashion, which makes people bright.
In the field of food packaging, kraft paper tape is also widely used. The typical product is food grade packaging white kraft paper tape.

With the increase of people's consumption awareness, the requirements for it are also increasing, and the price of environmental protection and degradable kraft paper tape has always been high.

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