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Too much fluorescent agent in writable kraft paper tape?

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According to the introduction of the manufacturers of eco friendly writable kraft paper tape, the white kraft paper tape appears to be white on both sides, which can be divided into snow white kraft paper tape, Swedish kraft paper tape, high white kraft paper tape, Australian single gloss kraft paper tape, etc.
The weight range of snow white kraft paper tape is 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 250, 300, 350, with specifications ranging from 31 inches to 47 inches.
If the snow-white kraft paper tape is used for food packaging, it must be food grade kraft paper tape. Otherwise, the fluorescent agent will cause great damage to the human body, and the non food grade kraft paper tape must not be as clean as the food grade kraft paper tape. Some kraft paper tape looks clean and white, which makes people hard to open their eyes. This is a kind of fluorescent agent. It is generally not suitable for food packaging that can be in close contact with food.
In the face of this situation, the small editor taught us a way to quickly and easily identify whether the white kraft paper tape has added too much fluorescent agent, that is, shine it with the ultraviolet light of the banknote inspection. If you see a lot of mottled or intense reflection, it shows that the fluorescent agent is put too much and is not suitable for food packaging. Some people say that someone will carry the ultraviolet light of the money detector? Is there any other way to identify without UV?
If there is no ultraviolet light, there are other ways to identify it. Of course, you are not asked to watch with naked eyes. In this way, you need technology. You can only see a lot of old drivers with white kraft paper tape. Of course, I won't let you use this method. Without ultraviolet radiation, you can't even have no sun, right?
So if there is no ultraviolet, you can see it with the sun. Just put the kraft paper tape under the sun. If you see a lot of mottled or reflective eyes, it's also too much fluorescent. Not recommended for food packaging.
White kraft paper tape not only needs not to put too much fluorescent agent, but also has passed the FSC certification. FSC is a global certification body. It is a non-governmental and non-profit arrangement, which is committed to promoting forest management of global social responsibility. In order to protect the forest from too much damage, please be sure to buy the kraft paper tape controlled by FSC forest certification. Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment!

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