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Color kraft paper tape printing problems&solutions!

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Eco friendly Kraft paper tape manufacturers on color kraft paper printing process there are also some solutions.

According to the problems in the process of color kraft paper tape printing, we summarize and summarize four common kraft paper tape printing problems and solutions.
1. When printing, the amount of ink is large, and the paper is prone to hair and powder.
Treatment: due to the loose and porous structure of kraft paper, a layer of varnish can be printed before printing. The following problems can be improved.
2. Damage to printing hardware when printing with high gram weight paper.
Treatment: the kraft paper can be humidified before printing to make the paper soft.
3. The damage to printing hardware of high gram kraft paper during printing.
Treatment: stop humidifying kraft paper before printing to make paper soft.
4. Printing wave, serious paper wrinkle.
Treatment: the paper moisture-proof treatment, in addition, the paper can be split into small sheets to print, will also partially solve this problem. Secondly, the web can be cut and flattened in advance and placed for a certain period of time to alleviate this problem.

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