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Color kraft paper tape printing color matching&control!

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According to the introduction of ECO friendly kraft paper tape manufacturer, the following work should be done in the production process for color difference control of color kraft paper tape:
(1) According to the production schedule of color kraft paper tape, the captain of color kraft paper tape first checks whether the data (such as production process sheet) is complete, and whether the requirements of production process sheet on color kraft paper tape color are clear.
(2) Follow up the color problem of kraft paper, analyze the color characteristics of the kraft paper, and put forward the measures to prevent the color difference between the product and kraft paper.
(3) Determine the difficulties of color kraft paper tape production caused by color change caused by surface finishing treatment of color kraft paper tape; ensure that the color difference between the color kraft paper tape before and after drying and the color of color kraft paper tape before and after surface finishing treatment are within the range allowed by customers.
(4) Confirm whether the deviation between the finished color kraft paper tape produced by color kraft paper tape and the color kraft paper tape sample provided by the customer is within the allowable range. At the same time, whether the yellow color kraft paper tape or the white color kraft paper tape is to be produced in the same team, the same batch of production should be completed in the same team, and the production can not be boasted or the machine can not be transferred at will;
In the production process, the color difference of kraft paper tape can be controlled in the minimum range;
In the process of color kraft paper tape printing, the following work is usually done:
(1) Confirm whether the version of colortone chromatography of the enterprise is consistent with that of the customer, and whether the color draft provided by the customer has expired.
(2) Confirm whether the spectrodensitometer is calibrated and whether the relevant technical parameters meet the standard, such as CIE2000 or CIE1976 for color difference calculation, D65 light source or D50 light source for color measurement, 10 ° or 2 ° color measurement angle, and whether the color filter meets the printing color detection requirements.
(3) Confirm whether the difference between the hue of the four-color ink and the color pass reference color can meet the color requirements of printing products.
(4) Confirm whether the CTP plate making dot is restored accurately to ensure that 2% of the dot at the highlight is not lost, whether the whole page has twill, whether the screen angle and wire meet the standard, CTP exposure and plate printing meet the quality requirements, and the compensation curve of printing dot is correct.
(5) For special inks that are easy to change color, try to adjust the color in the opposite direction after color change. For example, for the light blue ink, the color will turn red after drying, resulting in the color difference between large quantities of products and the color of customer standard color draft. Therefore, the printing color should be slightly blue.

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