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Problem of kraft paper tape in printing process

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Printing kraft paper tape in the printing process will inevitably produce static electricity, and this situation is a very common phenomenon, so how to better prevent the static electricity generated in the printing process?
1. The grounding wire must be installed when installing the kraft paper printing machine, and the grounding wire should also be used for the ink circulation pump, so as to effectively reduce the occurrence of static electricity.
2. Control the environmental hygiene of the workshop, keep it clean and reduce dust. The workers should wear anti-static clothes when working.
3. Control the temperature and dry humidity of the workshop. The workshop temperature is recommended to be controlled at 18 ℃ - 25 ℃ standard temperature, and the humidity is between 55% - 75%. After the workshop is dried, watering or mopping can be used to improve the humidity.
4. The electrostatic tape remover is installed in the Kraft printing machine. High end printing machines are equipped with electrostatic eliminator, which should be purchased and installed by themselves.
5. printed Kraft paper manufacturers should reserve antistatic agent by themselves. In case of serious static electricity, it should be filled in the ink to eliminate static electricity.
6. In case of burr and missing printing, the working viscosity of printing ink should be increased and the slow drying diluent should be selected to reduce the machine speed.

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