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Printing technique of printed kraft paper tape!

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1. In addition, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect of light brown ink on printing ink due to its soft and dark color, If necessary, you can add a little white in the ink, it will help to achieve the desired soft tone or light color.
2. In general, flexographic printing is better than offset printing machine for full-scale printing on kraft paper. Because the surface of kraft paper is rough, the texture is soft, the ink absorption is strong, and the color of the printed product is not glossy, and the printing ink will pull down the paper fiber (also known as the paper wool).
3. During the production and processing of paperboard, the raw kraft paper is easy to produce dust due to its loose, porous and large volume. Therefore, attention should be paid to prevent and reduce the harm of dust.
4. In post press die-cutting process, due to the special structure of primary color kraft paper, its strength is higher and its fiber characteristics are predictable, so it has better processing properties such as embossing, die cutting and die engraving. However, for the primary color fiber with high strength and toughness, kraft paper is required to pass through deep indentation line to avoid rebound.
5. The resin adhesive with high solidity and viscosity is suitable for low temperature bonding. It needs to be cooled before it can be attached to kraft paperboard. It can not penetrate into the paperboard in large quantity. The traditional hot melt adhesive is also suitable for kraft board and kraft paper after polyester polishing, and the effect is better. Due to its light weight, kraft paperboard is suitable for high-speed box pasting and folding machine.

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