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Is kraft paper tape environmentally friendly?

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Kraft paper tape, as a large category of kraft paper tape, is characterized by its own viscosity, convenient operation, firm viscosity and no degumming.

It is a self-adhesive kraft paper tape made of kraft paper surface release coated with silicon and coated with hot melt adhesive or oil adhesive, also known as self-adhesive kraft paper tape. 

Is kraft paper tape an environmentally friendly package  Is kraft paper tape an environmentally friendly package?

  Kraft paper tape also belongs to green environmental protection tape, but in some countries with high requirements of environmental protection tax law, packages or cartons with water-free kraft paper tape can not be exempted from tax.

Because the surface of water-free kraft paper is covered with a layer of PET film, PET film is also a non degradable or difficult degradable material. 

The degradable kraft paper tape in circulation and market is mainly wet kraft paper tape coated with water-soluble wet glue.

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