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ECO requirements for packaging of goods exported to European countries

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According to the manufacturer of kraft paper tape, the EU green packaging mainly focuses on the requirements of environmental protection and safety, which should comply with the "CR" principle (renewable utilization, natural degradation and recycling).

It requires food packaging to minimize consumption, recyclable and reusable; Its waste cannot pollute the environment.

The carton must be bonded, i.e. "nailless carton", and cannot be nailed or clamped with any metal or plastic.

The box shall be sealed with water-soluble tape as far as possible, i.e. "kraft paper tape, wet kraft paper tape", and PVC or other plastic tape shall not be used. The printing on the carton must use water-soluble pigment instead of oily ink.

The surface of the carton cannot be waxed, oiled, or coated with moisture-proof materials such as plastic.

The marks on the carton must use water-soluble pigment. 

What are the environmental requirements on cartons for goods exported to Europe  At the same time, EU countries impose environmental protection taxes on packaging materials made of plastic.

The sealed packages (without other plastic packages) with kraft paper tape, wet kraft paper, wet kraft paper tape, wired wet kraft paper tape and printed wet kraft paper tape are free from ring bonding.

This also makes most orders exported to the EU strictly indicate the requirement of "gummed KRAFTPAPER tape" in the contract. 

What are the environmental requirements on cartons for goods exported to Europe

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