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Category of ECO kraft paper tape!

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What are the characteristics of kraft paper tape? Let's give you a brief introduction.
Usually, kraft paper tape is made of kraft paper as the base material and its back is coated with adhesive. At present, it is widely used in packaging, sealing, printing, shielding, wood splicing, product protection, metal rust prevention, decoration, food packaging and so on. Kraft paper tape is mainly characterized by its environmental protection, sealing, moisture-proof, water absorption, regeneration, degradability, high strength, tear resistance, convenient secondary processing and printing.
By category, the following classifications can be made.
By material:
1: Wood pulp kraft paper - kraft paper tape made of raw wood pulp and imported wood pulp. The paper surface is yellow, the paper strength is very high, the paper surface has no or few impurities, and has strong water resistance.
Imported wood pulp paper kraft paper tape
2: Recycled kraft paper - paper produced from waste paper through more than ten processes such as sorting, purification, beating and papermaking. It also belongs to environmental protection paper, with brown color, impurities on the surface and rough paper. According to Greenpeace's calculation, compared with using 1 ton of all wood pulp paper, using 1 ton of 100% recycled paper can reduce 11.37 tons of carbon dioxide emissions!
Recycled kraft paper tape
3: Special kraft paper - wood pulp paper is processed according to the needs of actual use. For example, two layers of kraft paper with fiber wires are made into wired fiber kraft paper to strengthen the tensile strength of paper, wet strength kraft paper to strengthen the wet strength of paper, and high temperature resistance kraft paper to strengthen the high temperature resistance of paper
Wired fiber wet kraft paper tape
By adhesive:
1: Self adhesive kraft paper tape - made of silicon coated paper surface and acrylic or polyurethane resin coated back. With its own viscosity, it is convenient and fast to use.
Self adhesive kraft paper tape
2: Wet kraft paper tape - made of kraft paper as base paper and coated with plant starch glue on the back. Apply water to produce stickiness. Environmental protection and strong sealing.
Wet kraft paper tape
3: Hot pressed kraft paper tape - made of kraft paper as base paper and coated with hot melt adhesive on the back. Viscosity occurs after heating. It is widely used and can be attached to more materials.

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