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What is water-activated tape (WAT)?

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Water-activated tape (WAT), abbreviated as WAT, is a special type of tape known for its excellent adhesion and anti-tampering properties. It is widely used in packaging, sealing, and transportation industries. As a professional manufacturer of kraft paper tape, let's introduce the characteristics, applications, advantages, and comparisons of water-activated tape with other types of tapes.
I. Characteristics of Water-Activated Tape:
Composition: Water-activated tape is typically made of kraft paper and adhesive. The kraft paper serves as the base material, providing excellent toughness and tear resistance. The adhesive is generally an activatable water-soluble glue that becomes sticky only when it comes into contact with water.
Wet Activation: The unique feature of water-activated tape lies in its requirement to be exposed to water to activate the adhesive. Once in contact with water, the adhesive becomes sticky, and the tape needs to be applied to the surface to be bonded before sealing.
High Adhesion: Compared to common pressure-sensitive tapes, water-activated tape offers higher adhesion. Since the adhesive is activated after wetting, it forms a tighter bond with the object, providing a more reliable sealing effect.
Anti-Tampering: Water-activated tape typically possesses anti-tampering features due to its special construction and activation method. After removal, the tape leaves irreversible traces, indicating that the packaging might have been opened or tampered with.
Environmentally Friendly: In comparison to many common plastic tapes, water-activated tape is a more eco-friendly choice. Its primary materials are paper and water-soluble adhesive, free from harmful chemicals, and with a lower impact on the environment.
II. Applications of Water-Activated Tape:
Packaging Industry: Water-activated tape is widely used in various packaging applications, especially in industries where high packaging security is required, such as food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Its high adhesion and anti-tampering properties effectively ensure the integrity of products during transportation and storage, reducing the risks of theft and tampering.
Sealing Industry: In logistics and transportation, water-activated tape is a common sealing material. The kraft paper base material provides excellent durability and tear resistance, ensuring packages are less likely to be damaged during transit. At the same time, the anti-tampering properties of water-activated tape help prevent packages from being opened or tampered with during transportation.
Handicrafts: Water-activated tape, with its unique texture and material, is also frequently used in handicrafts, such as gift wrapping, album decoration, and card making. It adds a touch of charm to the finished products.
III. Advantages of Water-Activated Tape:
Durability: The kraft paper base of water-activated tape provides excellent durability and tear resistance, even under harsh conditions, maintaining the integrity of packaging.
High Adhesion: Compared to other common tapes, water-activated tape exhibits superior adhesion, especially after wet activation, ensuring a more reliable and long-lasting bond.
Environmentally Friendly: With paper-based materials and water-soluble adhesive, water-activated tape is more environmentally friendly than commonly used plastic tapes, contributing to reducing plastic pollution.
Anti-Tampering: The anti-tampering properties of water-activated tape help ensure the security of packaging, minimizing the risk of product pilferage and tampering.
IV. Comparison with Other Tapes:
Compared to Pressure-Sensitive Tape: Water-activated tape has higher adhesion and anti-tampering properties, making it suitable for scenarios with stricter packaging requirements. However, due to the need for adhesive activation, using water-activated tape may require additional time and steps.
Compared to Tapes Used in Tape Dispensers: Water-activated tape is generally not suitable for automated tape dispensers because it requires manual activation of the adhesive. In such cases, fast self-adhesive tapes are typically used.
water-activated tape is a unique and versatile type of tape with excellent adhesion, anti-tampering, and eco-friendly characteristics, making it widely applied in various fields. Whether for ensuring product sealing security or adding charm to handicrafts, water-activated tape is a high-quality option worth considering. With increasing demands for environmental friendliness and anti-tampering features, the future holds promising prospects for water-activated tape.

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